Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Little Surprise..

Well, I suppose it is about time that my er.. "fans" got to know what runs through my mind each night as I sleep...

I apologize if no one likes Megaupload, I could not think of anywhere else I could quickly upload an audio file.

And this is just me testing out my vocal chords.. It is nice to sing every now and then. It relieves the tension.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

After The End

No, no, dear friends.. The story is far from over.. 

One thing this Man wwill undeerstand is that I willl not die so easily. He has taken from me more than you ccould ever knoow.. MMy frieends, will you join me on tthis moost daring of journeys into the humman psyche? AA journey to endd all journneys? Wheether you join uss or not, the sstory will commence and His time will come.. 

Tell me, Good Doctor.. Are you prepared for this shell of a man?

Welcome, friends

If you will excuse me, I have a bottle of wine with my name on it..... Did you know you could get them to do that when you own you own wine cellar?