Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What is this?

  This is.. odd? Um.. Well.. I woke up this morning and found Eavyn on the computer reading this blog.. She asked if I had wrote it, but I told her that I did not.. So I spent today reading over the blogs and.. Guys, I do not know who wrote this blog, but my parents and siblings did not disappear, my house did not burn down, and I am certainly not being chased by the Slender Man..

  Yes, my name is Ulryc, yes, my love's name is Eavyn, yes I am rich, I suppose you could say.. But the things in this blog never happened to me.. I am not sure who wrote this blog, but I -will- find out who.. I..... wait, I hear footsteps.. but Eavyn isn't he

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On the Move

  One more post.. We are on the move now.. While I am still not sure if Eavyn believes in all of this, she has agreed to come with me as we go on the run from the Slender Man. At the moment I am not sure where we will be going.. Likely, we are going to New York. M seems to do well there, what with the skyscrapers.. Perhaps we can rent out an office at the top of the Empire State or something.... do they even rent out offices? Well, we'll find out when we get there, I suppose.

  Wow.. To think that in less than a month, my life was destroyed. He works fast.. Well, time to stop stealing the neighbor's internet and pack up the laptop. Whether I shall be making more posts after this, I don't know.. If something important happens, however, I will try to keep this updated. Even if no one reads this, at least this is here to keep a chronicle of things..

  Until next time.

Monday, September 27, 2010


  Did you know that a house smells like burning wood when it's on fire? So much burning wood.. It is actually quite intoxicating. Hahaha... The flames are beautiful. Their warm embrace as they lick at my arms. The Slender Man.. Good ol' Slendy.. He came into my home and tried to ruin my life! I would not let him.. I fought that bastard with everything I had and now.. haha.. Now he's set the house on fire. Weak-assed bastard must resort to burning me alive! Well, let him.. LET HIM! I will come back as a mother fucking demon from HELL and haunt the bastard until he drops fucking dead! That will be worth every scream.. Eavyn is screaming right now, she's outside screaming for me to come out. I say let her come in! Eavyn will...

  Eavyn... What am I doing? Why am I waiting to die?... Fuck this, Eavyn needs me to stay here to protect her!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Plan of Action

  I am pretty convinced that the SlenderMan has gotten to them.. My parents and siblings have not shown up.. Eavyn decided to call the police earlier about their disappearances, so I am sure that she does not believe in this Slender Man business. As suspected, the police found nothing. They just.. disappeared. Right now, there are only two choices that I have of what to do. I can either run or fight.. Something tells me that fighting this thing would not be the best choice, but what if I actually have a chance to defeat him? I have had sword-fighting lessons for years when I was a child, I have not been collecting swords and daggers for nothing.. With my experience, I may or may not have a chance to defeat the Slender Man.. but.. if I am wrong, I will die and Eavyn will be left alone.. I need a while to think.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Calmed some..

  I apologize for the other past an hour or so ago.. I.. was not in my right mind.. I still may not be.. I am also not sure where these numbers in the posts have been coming from; they are only appearing after I have posted the blog post.. Well.. I suppose I should explain myself..

  It has been over 12 hours with no sign of my parents, my brother, or my sister. My brother and sister did not get off of the school bus this afternoon. After calling the school, I found out that they had never even shown up for school.. I attempted to call my parents, but there has been no answer, except for.. one odd call.. I called my dad's phone for the thirteenth time, around 7:07 I think the time was.. And there was an answer.. At first I heard nothing. Just absolutely nothing. I kept asking if anyone was there.. and then I heard a loud scream that persisted until I hung up the phone.. I.. I think the Slender Man got them.. The mist is still surrounding the house.. I am freaking the fuck out right now.. I need some time to calm down.. Sit with Eavyn.. Attempt to figure out a plan of action. I will not let this thing beat me.. I will keep Eavyn safe and I will stop that thing..


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  I am currently at work, still trying to get my mind off of things. Eavyn and I have been spending the last day or so at my parents' house. I have yet to see -him- around, but.. well, you never know. I woke up a bit late today, so everyone but Eavyn were gone when I awoke. It was a bit odd seeing the entire house empty.. But anyways, Eavyn and I got up, got ready and left..

  I have been making it a habit to make sure I stay near Eavyn at all times.. This thing has got me paranoid that she will be taken if I so much as turn my back on her. She does not mind, luckily.. She knows how I have been feeling lately and she has been reading the blog, so she seems willing to help any way she can. Whether she believes this whole Slender Man thing or not, however, is a different story..

  On a different note, the oddest thing this morning occurred.. A thick blanket of mist, or fog if you prefer to call it that, was surrounding the house this morning as we left.. but that's just the thing.. it was only around the house and nowhere else.. Well, stranger things have been happening lately, so I suppose the mist should be considered normal in comparison..

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


  Eavyn and I did a bit of talking and tonight we are going to my parent's house.. We are going to stay there a few days in light of er.. recent events.. If I have read my research right, the Slender Man will follow me.. however, I hope that I may be a little safer with people around. Over these next few days, I will be deciding whether I should continue moving.. Perhaps make my way to New York City. That seems to be a fairly safe place to be, given there are skyscrapers there.. The Slender Man appears to be unable to get to you if you are fairly high up.. If not New York, perhaps I could at least purchase a nice cabin in the mountains. If New York and Mountains are not high enough to get away from this thing, then perhaps the Willis Tower in Chicago or the Burj Khalifa in Abu Dhabi.. Any place to get safely away from this -thing-..

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tea Time

  Well, I just had an.. odd encounter.. After downing a few pills to get rid of this headache and cough, I wanted to head to bed early.. But I decided that I should have a cup of tea first, so after making the tea, I set myself up in my relaxing chair. I am not sure why, but I set out two cups.. So anyways, before I took the first sip, I began to hear.. some odd noise.. At first it was very low and sounded like white noise.. It quickly got louder however until it actually raped my ears.

  When I got up to check around for the noise, it suddenly ceased. I found myself stumbling to the front door and opening it, where I saw the very thing that haunted my dreams lately.. The Slender Man, or whatever the hell this thing was, stood mere inches away from me.. I am sure a normal person would run, but.. as my lovely Eavyn can tell you, I am far from normal..

  "Would you like to come in and have some tea?"

  Those were the words that came out of my mouth. I took this.. -thing's- arm and dragged him inside, shutting the door behind us.  The man wasn't even resisting. I think he was more shocked than anything. I sat in my chair and took my cup as he just stood there, watching. It tilted his head as it stared at me as if it was curious about my actions.. I am quite sure no one had ever treated him in such a way before. As I began to tell the thing to come sit and have some tea, I heard Eavyn calling for me.


  The Slender Man's attention was taken from me as it looked in the direction Eavyn's voice came from and in an instant, I heard an ear-splitting shriek as the Man disappeared. I suddenly found myself on the floor, looking up at Eavyn, who was kneeling over me.. The Man was gone and I was left wondering what the hell had just happened.... I should get some sleep..


  Something must be wrong with my internet.. Or with my computer.. I continue trying to research whatever this guy is.. I have been getting more sleep lately, but I continue to see him, but Eavyn seems to not be able to see him, even when he is right there in the window. Actually, he is there right now.. this is the first time I have seen him out in broad daylight, but there he is, at the window to my right. He is not doing anything, however. He just stands there, staring at me. I am sure that if he can read, he can see me typing and telling him to FUCK OFF.

  But anyways, to the internet and computer problems.. While Googling information about creatures that look like tall, faceless men, I came across some pages describing what is called The Slender Man. However, I cannot look at these pages properly enough to know what The Slender Man is. Either the internet suddenly goes out, thus not allowing me to view the page, the page becomes corrupted, or the page becomes translated into a different language, not even turning back to English when I run it through a Translator.. Either way, I seem to be unable to view any information about this Slender Man.. Perhaps this thing really is the Slender Man and is somehow keeping me from finding out any information about him.. Perhaps he knows that I could find out how to get rid of him. I am possibly the smartest human within miles of here, after all.

  He is gone.. he must have gotten bored and wandered off. Poor thing, perhaps I will invite him in for tea next time. Hahaha..

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ads.. Huh.

  I suppose I should post something to distract me for a few minutes.. While trying to get my mind off of things, after a nice morning nap, I began to poke around in my Blog settings. I saw something for "Adsense" where I could make money if someone clicks on Ads on my blog. Just because I am curious as to how much I could make, I am enabling Ads and hoping someone starts clicking Ads. Be a sport, eh?

  ((EDIT: So, uh, after reviewing the policies, I am not suppose to ask people to click on the ads.. so.. Let us pretend I never asked, eh?))

  Not much has happened since my last blog.. I have not seen that man lately, but I continue having this feeling that someone is watching me.. It is not pleasant in the least. I am considering talking with Eavyn about hiring someone to patrol the house every now and then.. I am also going to get my security system upgraded. A man should be able to feel safe in his own damned house. This is not right.. I have not found any information about this man that is following me, but I hear that Google is my best friend.. Will post soon with more updates.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


  I finally decided to look up who it was that Follows this blog and from the looks of it, she may be stalked by something similar as the man in my dreams.. who, well, isn't in my dreams anymore.. Last night, I saw him outside, just staring at the house.. I am not sure if he saw me or not. He just stood there in the shadows of the woods, staring.. It was as if he were waiting for something.

  Well, either way, perhaps I should contact this girl at the other blog.. See what she knows, if anything.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Birdy Go Bye-Bye

  After three days of that God-forsaken bird's incessant tapping on the window, I finally took care of the problem.. I made sure Eavyn was not around, since I knew she would not approve.. Then I opened the window, took hold of the avian, and snapped little birdy's neck. Oh, the feeling of it's fragile bones just cracking in pieces and the silence that followed.. it was heavenly..

  I gave the bird a proper burial. That was when I saw him, staring at me from the woods.. The man from my dreams is here..

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


  Well, I am just getting to school.. Better late than never, I suppose.. I have been getting so wrapped up in what has been going on recently that I had almost forgotten all about school and work. Well, the police took a look around but found nothing. No footprints, no torn clothing around the trees, nothing. Very careful pranksters, these ones.. I have people at the house cleaning up so by time I get home, my yard should be all nice and neat again... Hopefully.

  On my way over here, I thought I had seen someone watching me from afar.. multiple times, actually.. But every time I looked again, I saw nothing. I'm getting paranoid recently.. More paranoid than normal, anyways. I may need to see about seeing my therapist soon.

Not Funny

  I can honestly say that this is the worst prank that has ever been pulled on me.. I wake up this morning, make coffee for my love and I, and Eavyn goes out to get the morning paper.. I am now minus my -FAVORITE- coffee mug. Upon hearing the scream of my dear Eavyn, I dropped the mug and it shattered. That wasn't even the worst part of this morning, though it came damn close.. I went outside to check on her and my nostrils are assaulted with the scent of death and decay. My front yard was littered with dead animals. 2 dogs, 3 cats, a deer, and some birds. I told Eavyn to go back inside and call the police.. We are currently waiting for them..

  Whoever did this.. -Not funny-. What sort of sick individual would do something like this? Obviously, whoever it was is not in their right mind. I hope the police can figure something out.. I will call someone to clean up the yard later when the police are done. Will post again later with updates.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Go Away

  The time is currently.. 1:22 A.M. as of this sentence. I am not entirely sure if I am still being watched, but I feel.. something. So far it has not really affected my social life, other than my constant looking around.. but that is not what I am currently posting for. Perhaps this is how Edgar Allen Poe came up with the idea for The Raven.. There is currently a bird sitting at my den window, tapping and tapping and tapping, always the same long rhythm over and over..

  Taptap taptaptap. Tap Taptaptaptaptap. Taptap Taptaptaptap. Taptaptaptap taptaptap. Tap taptaptap. Taptaptap taptaptaptap. Taptaptap taptap. Taptap taptaptaptap. Taptaptap taptaptap. Taptap taptap. Taptaptaptaptap taptaptap. Taptaptaptap taptap. Taptaptaptap taptaptaptaptap. Taptaptap taptaptap.

  I think I am going to try to sleep.. Hopefully this bird will be gone by the morning.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


  Today was quite amazing. I had the best time with my family and my beloved today. We stopped by the Flea Market to fulfill my blade fetish and then we went to eat and go have fun somewhere. Overall today was very satisfying. However, something was bothering me.. and Eavyn could tell.. Quite a few times, she asked me what was wrong and I said nothing.. When she finally gave up, she said that I would write about it in my blog and.. well.. she's right.

  I keep thinking about those drawings.. Eavyn had me hang them on the fridge, because she loves them, so now every time I want milk, those drawings are staring at me. They unnerve me and.. also.. I think someone has been watching me. Everywhere I went, no matter how much I tried to distract myself with the fun festivities, I felt someone watching me. Maybe I'm just being paranoid, I've always been just a bit paranoid. For now I don't have that feeling.. I suppose I better relax while it lasts and clean up my new blades.

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Drawings

So.. Yeah.. I got the drawing from my siblings today and.. well.. They are disturbing me quite a bit.. I.. I am not quite sure what to make of them.. But.. They look like the man in my dreams..


  So, last night a friend and I went to the midnight showing of the new Resident Evil movie. I asked Eavyn to go with us, but she was not feeling so well. I felt bad for leaving her alone, but she insisted that I go anyways. So, the movie... it was okay, actually, for a Resident Evil movie. Whether I liked it or not?.. Well, let us just say that I have never been so internally conflicted over whether I liked a movie.. It had it's good, it had it's bad.. I suppose at the moment I am in the middle. But overall it was actually okay for a Resident Evil movie.

  So. Friday. I wonder if much is going to happen today. I may just stay home today and snuggle up with my beloved for a while. I was not quite ready to get out of bed, so that sounds like a -really- good idea. Oh, one thing I just remembered that is suppose to happen today. My siblings decided to draw me pictures for my birthday and apparently could not wait until tomorrow to give them to me. Father should drop by some time today to give them to me and perhaps we'll have a bit of lunch. I suppose that means I should cook something instead of ordering pizza..

  Dreams.. Another odd dream last night, but this one I could not quite make out anything that was happening. There were flashes here and there of images and scenery as if I were teleporting, though it was weird.. I was constantly changing locations, but at the same time I felt as if I were everywhere at once. In each location I was always just standing there, watching someone or someplace, and I was rather tall. Or at least from the perspective of each "scene" my "eyes" were watching from a higher position than any normal human's perspective.. The whole dream was just very surreal. Well, the bed is calling me to go snuggle with my love, so until next time..

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Another Dream

  Finally! It seemed like Blogger was down for a bit this morning. I could view blogs, but I could not log in or post new blogs or anything. But anyways, on to the real point of this blog post.. I had another dream last night.. This one was a bit.. creepier than the first one.. I told Eavyn about it. She said not to worry, but I figured I might as well see what others think of it..

  So, last night I went to bed and as soon as my head hit the pillow, I found myself outside in my yard, facing the woods at night... Looking around, things didn't look any different from normal. Every detail was perfect, as if I wasn't asleep at all. Nevertheless, I thought I was still dreaming. Doubt then crept into my mind, though, as I saw something that was.. quite freaky.. Every muscle in my body locked up as I saw what could only be described as a very tall, very thin business man with no face, who had what looked like tentacles growing from his back.. "Run," was the first thought that entered my head, and run I did. Making it back into the house, I breathed a sigh of relief.. until I realized that I was outside again. A black tentacle shot out from the darkness around me and grasped my throat, it's roughness doing nothing to help me slip out of it's clutches. Needless to say, I was scared..

  I woke up then. Thank the Lords and Ladies that it was morning.. I was visibly shaking and I could practically still feel that tentacle around my throat... wait.. Why does something seem odd about that last paragraph?.. Odd. It must just be because I'm not wearing my glasses.. well.. What do you all think of this dream?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


  Today was good. Plenty of chores were done today and Eavyn is very pleased at how things look. Also, as I sat down to eat my pizza, I decided to see how things on my blog were going and noticed I have my very first commenter. I would like to welcome Mister Mark Slater to my blog. I greet thee with great vigor.

  In other news, Wednesday is almost over, and then it will be Thursday. Then it will be just 2 days until my birthday creeps up while I sleep. So, plans for Saturday.. If all goes well, I should be getting presents every now and then throughout the day. My mother, father, and siblings should be coming to visit Eavyn and I and then we will all go out to eat for supper.. or maybe lunch. I suppose it depends on when they get here. I am not quite sure about having cake and ice cream yet. I am trying not to eat so many sugars.

  Well, there is not much else that I can say. Until next time, gents and lady-gents.
  Ah, Wednesday. A day closer to my birthday. I woke up this morning and Eavyn had already left. I found a nice, neat little note waiting for me on her pillow, though. She went to do some errands today and left me one of the dreaded "Honey Do" lists that many men get. I just spent most of the morning doing approximately half of the list. This is how my morning went:

1. Dragged myself out of bed.
2. Made and ate breakfast.
3. Took chicken out to defrost.
4. Did dishes.
5. Did more dishes.
6. Found dishes in the den that I forgot to do.
7. Did -those- dishes.
8. Did laundry.
9. Had some Abita root beer.
10. Did more laundry.
11. Swept and mopped kitchen floor.
12. Ordered pizza for lunch.
13. Sat down at the computer with another Abita root beer.
14. Typed up this unneeded list.
15. Ended this list.

  So yes, at least today hasn't been as boring as yesterday... Come to think of it, Eavyn must've seen last night's post and decided to write up that list so I wouldn't be so bored... Curse her!... Love you, honey! Anyways, I better go do some more of this list before the pizza gets here.. Might post later tonight. If not, then tomorrow.

  Oh! I also didn't have that weird dream last night. I also didn't see more business men in the woods. So that's good, right?

  Until next time.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


  I am unbelievably bored, so I might as well post a new post or something.. What to talk about, though? Hmm.. Oh! I almost forgot. I saw something odd today.. Perhaps it was a trick on my eyes or something, but.. well, there's a wooded area behind our house and I go out on occasion to do some yard work, which mostly consists of mowing and picking up limbs. One of these days we'll actually do something with our backyard...

  Well, anyways, I was outside picking up some fallen limbs, since it's been raining quite a bit recently, causing wood to rot or soak up too much water for the tree to support their weight, so the limbs just drop off. As I was working back there, I had the odd feeling that I was being watched and when I looked, I swear I saw someone stepping into the woods and disappearing into the darkness.. I could also swear that he was wearing a business suit. Odd. Then again, we do have weird neighbors. Maybe one of them is a business man who likes to go hunting.. in his business suit... and dress shoes...... I wouldn't be surprised, actually. Or maybe it was another well-dressed man who had heard of my money and wanted to work for me tending to my lawn. And yes, that has actually happened before..

  My mother and father are actually quite wealthy and I get a monthly allowance from them. I manage to save up a good bit between bills and such, so I've accumulated my own small fortune over the years. So one day, someone decided he would put on a business suit to try to impress me as he attempted to convince me to let him take care of my lawn. I declined, however. Aside from dishes and trash, caring for the lawn is the only chore I have around here. Without that chore, I would be dreadfully bored, even more so than I am right now..

A Bit More About Me

  It is raining. Hard. I like the rain, really. It makes me feel all cozy being inside. Rain also means that it's cooling off outside after this brutal summer. Summers in the southern US are not kind most of the time, especially when the air conditioner in one of your vehicles only sometimes works. Also, today is boring. I can't wait for school/work to start up next week. I work at my school as a Teacher's Assistant, so I don't work when during school breaks.. I'm looking into getting another job, however, so that's good.

  I had an odd dream last night.. It felt so real, though, as if I were actually awake.. I was laying in bed and I swear I could feel someone standing right next to the bed, just staring at me.. I could not see who it was, however and I did not dare to look. I knew it wasn't Eavyn, as she was sleeping peacefully right next to me, both in the dream and in real life.. But then I woke up the next morning, so I suppose it really was just a dream...

  A bit more about me, I suppose.. I chose the name Dare 2 Die for the blog because I once thought it would make a good name for a band.. I still do, actually. My musical tastes vary a bit, though I can't stand country. Rap.. eh.. it depends on my mood and what song. I prefer more old-school rap, I suppose.. Mostly, though, I listen to rock, alternative, pop, etcetera. Currently the only radio station I listen to is one that plays Generation X music, so I've only really listened to music that was popular back in the 80's and 90's recently.

  I like the colors black and red, even though technically black isn't really a color.. it's more a shade.. or an absence of color or light.. Some people would disagree with me on that point, but oh well. Bollocks to them. So yes, my wardrobe mostly consists of black outfits, but I am in no way "goth" or "emo".. I just look good in black.  I believe I've stated this before, but I currently live with my beloved Eavyn. My family drops by every now and then, though. I guess they miss me. My family consists of my mother, father, and younger brother and sister. They're dropping by this Saturday for my birthday. I'll be a whopping 21. I suppose that's good, being one year closer to death. More than a year if I decide to take up drinking. Well, I think that's enough about me for now.. Until next time.

Monday, September 6, 2010

First Post

  Welll, let us see.. I suppose this is my first blog post, then.. I started up this blog because.. well.. I have nothing better to do until school starts up again on the 13th. I suppose I'll start off this blog with a bit of information about myself.

  My name is Ulryc Ziegler. I am currently a college student, going for my Associates degree in Computer Science, mostly focusing on Human-Computer Interaction. It is.. quite interesting to say the least. However, I can not wait to graduate and get out on my own in the work field. School has been burning me out quite a bit lately.

  Let's see.. I am currently 20 and my birthday is coming up this Saturday. I am currently living with my fiancĂ©e. She is a very wonderful woman named Eavyn. So beautiful and so kind is she. I have no idea what she sees in me sometimes. I have a higher IQ than most others and.. well.. Let's say that my views on those not as smart as I am are not the greatest. It is not my fault that most other humans are idiots all the time, though. Sometimes I wonder what Eavyn sees in me. She is not as smart as me, but at least she isn't an idiot.. I love her very much.

  Ummmm.. Let's see, more info.. My hobbies include online gaming, mostly puzzle games that require thinking.. chess.. a bit of Go every now and then.. board games.. computers.. I like to hang out with Eavyn a lot. I follow her around when I can at school. I get lonely without her. Haha... Um.. I like daggers. I would not seem the type at first glance, but I have a fascination with blades and have collected a couple of daggers that I keep in my dresser. Eavyn doesn't mind, since they're with my underwear and not hers. Haha.. well.. I suppose I have rambled enough for now. Haha. Until next time.