Tuesday, September 21, 2010


  Eavyn and I did a bit of talking and tonight we are going to my parent's house.. We are going to stay there a few days in light of er.. recent events.. If I have read my research right, the Slender Man will follow me.. however, I hope that I may be a little safer with people around. Over these next few days, I will be deciding whether I should continue moving.. Perhaps make my way to New York City. That seems to be a fairly safe place to be, given there are skyscrapers there.. The Slender Man appears to be unable to get to you if you are fairly high up.. If not New York, perhaps I could at least purchase a nice cabin in the mountains. If New York and Mountains are not high enough to get away from this thing, then perhaps the Willis Tower in Chicago or the Burj Khalifa in Abu Dhabi.. Any place to get safely away from this -thing-..


  1. Mountains.. may be rather isolated. I don't think it's height that will protect you, it's crowds.

  2. wWwwWHy rUn wHeeeN thEreeeS tHe SaaFteYyyy OooO0F hOmE