Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Birdy Go Bye-Bye

  After three days of that God-forsaken bird's incessant tapping on the window, I finally took care of the problem.. I made sure Eavyn was not around, since I knew she would not approve.. Then I opened the window, took hold of the avian, and snapped little birdy's neck. Oh, the feeling of it's fragile bones just cracking in pieces and the silence that followed.. it was heavenly..

  I gave the bird a proper burial. That was when I saw him, staring at me from the woods.. The man from my dreams is here..


  1. ... This is also disturbing, Ulryc.

    At least now you can get some proper sleep. It sounds like you need it desperately.

  2. Whatever may happen to you, do not let your compassion die.

    At least you gave it a proper burial.

  3. "Quoth the Raven...nevermore."

  4. wItHoUT LITTLe bIrdy he Is JuSt L1Ke uS