Tuesday, September 7, 2010


  I am unbelievably bored, so I might as well post a new post or something.. What to talk about, though? Hmm.. Oh! I almost forgot. I saw something odd today.. Perhaps it was a trick on my eyes or something, but.. well, there's a wooded area behind our house and I go out on occasion to do some yard work, which mostly consists of mowing and picking up limbs. One of these days we'll actually do something with our backyard...

  Well, anyways, I was outside picking up some fallen limbs, since it's been raining quite a bit recently, causing wood to rot or soak up too much water for the tree to support their weight, so the limbs just drop off. As I was working back there, I had the odd feeling that I was being watched and when I looked, I swear I saw someone stepping into the woods and disappearing into the darkness.. I could also swear that he was wearing a business suit. Odd. Then again, we do have weird neighbors. Maybe one of them is a business man who likes to go hunting.. in his business suit... and dress shoes...... I wouldn't be surprised, actually. Or maybe it was another well-dressed man who had heard of my money and wanted to work for me tending to my lawn. And yes, that has actually happened before..

  My mother and father are actually quite wealthy and I get a monthly allowance from them. I manage to save up a good bit between bills and such, so I've accumulated my own small fortune over the years. So one day, someone decided he would put on a business suit to try to impress me as he attempted to convince me to let him take care of my lawn. I declined, however. Aside from dishes and trash, caring for the lawn is the only chore I have around here. Without that chore, I would be dreadfully bored, even more so than I am right now..


  1. A man in your woods? In a business suit?

    ... VERY odd.

  2. Yes, it is quite odd, but again, I wouldn't be surprised if it was one of the neighbors going hunting.. People these days, eh? Haha.