Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Bit More About Me

  It is raining. Hard. I like the rain, really. It makes me feel all cozy being inside. Rain also means that it's cooling off outside after this brutal summer. Summers in the southern US are not kind most of the time, especially when the air conditioner in one of your vehicles only sometimes works. Also, today is boring. I can't wait for school/work to start up next week. I work at my school as a Teacher's Assistant, so I don't work when during school breaks.. I'm looking into getting another job, however, so that's good.

  I had an odd dream last night.. It felt so real, though, as if I were actually awake.. I was laying in bed and I swear I could feel someone standing right next to the bed, just staring at me.. I could not see who it was, however and I did not dare to look. I knew it wasn't Eavyn, as she was sleeping peacefully right next to me, both in the dream and in real life.. But then I woke up the next morning, so I suppose it really was just a dream...

  A bit more about me, I suppose.. I chose the name Dare 2 Die for the blog because I once thought it would make a good name for a band.. I still do, actually. My musical tastes vary a bit, though I can't stand country. Rap.. eh.. it depends on my mood and what song. I prefer more old-school rap, I suppose.. Mostly, though, I listen to rock, alternative, pop, etcetera. Currently the only radio station I listen to is one that plays Generation X music, so I've only really listened to music that was popular back in the 80's and 90's recently.

  I like the colors black and red, even though technically black isn't really a color.. it's more a shade.. or an absence of color or light.. Some people would disagree with me on that point, but oh well. Bollocks to them. So yes, my wardrobe mostly consists of black outfits, but I am in no way "goth" or "emo".. I just look good in black.  I believe I've stated this before, but I currently live with my beloved Eavyn. My family drops by every now and then, though. I guess they miss me. My family consists of my mother, father, and younger brother and sister. They're dropping by this Saturday for my birthday. I'll be a whopping 21. I suppose that's good, being one year closer to death. More than a year if I decide to take up drinking. Well, I think that's enough about me for now.. Until next time.


  1. Are you sure that was a dream? There's been similar cases where people felt like someone was watching them sleep. But it gets weirder. Sometimes they wake up with deep scratches on their arms, like someone raked their fingernails really hard on them. Sometimes hard enough to cause extensive bleeding. If this happens to you, get help immediately! The people in these cases tend to disappear!

  2. or just flat out die right there.

  3. Could you be anymore boring?