Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Not Funny

  I can honestly say that this is the worst prank that has ever been pulled on me.. I wake up this morning, make coffee for my love and I, and Eavyn goes out to get the morning paper.. I am now minus my -FAVORITE- coffee mug. Upon hearing the scream of my dear Eavyn, I dropped the mug and it shattered. That wasn't even the worst part of this morning, though it came damn close.. I went outside to check on her and my nostrils are assaulted with the scent of death and decay. My front yard was littered with dead animals. 2 dogs, 3 cats, a deer, and some birds. I told Eavyn to go back inside and call the police.. We are currently waiting for them..

  Whoever did this.. -Not funny-. What sort of sick individual would do something like this? Obviously, whoever it was is not in their right mind. I hope the police can figure something out.. I will call someone to clean up the yard later when the police are done. Will post again later with updates.


  1. VERY disturbing. There are some really terrible people in this world, aren't there?

  2. Oh, thats nasty. Might want to set up a camera or two to watch over the yard.

  3. Screw that, get an automated turret.