Monday, September 27, 2010


  Did you know that a house smells like burning wood when it's on fire? So much burning wood.. It is actually quite intoxicating. Hahaha... The flames are beautiful. Their warm embrace as they lick at my arms. The Slender Man.. Good ol' Slendy.. He came into my home and tried to ruin my life! I would not let him.. I fought that bastard with everything I had and now.. haha.. Now he's set the house on fire. Weak-assed bastard must resort to burning me alive! Well, let him.. LET HIM! I will come back as a mother fucking demon from HELL and haunt the bastard until he drops fucking dead! That will be worth every scream.. Eavyn is screaming right now, she's outside screaming for me to come out. I say let her come in! Eavyn will...

  Eavyn... What am I doing? Why am I waiting to die?... Fuck this, Eavyn needs me to stay here to protect her!


  1. youR love is false yoU will die aNd so will she because the only real love ismine for the operator because he is the true god

  2. you damned proxy shut up