Thursday, September 16, 2010


  I finally decided to look up who it was that Follows this blog and from the looks of it, she may be stalked by something similar as the man in my dreams.. who, well, isn't in my dreams anymore.. Last night, I saw him outside, just staring at the house.. I am not sure if he saw me or not. He just stood there in the shadows of the woods, staring.. It was as if he were waiting for something.

  Well, either way, perhaps I should contact this girl at the other blog.. See what she knows, if anything.


  1. nothing is stalking you. just get some sleep ok? you will feel better i think.

  2. Perhaps.. I have not been able to get much proper sleep lately.. A few hours a night at the most.

  3. wHy yyyyyyyyOu bEcoMeee JuSt l1ke Us