Thursday, September 23, 2010

Calmed some..

  I apologize for the other past an hour or so ago.. I.. was not in my right mind.. I still may not be.. I am also not sure where these numbers in the posts have been coming from; they are only appearing after I have posted the blog post.. Well.. I suppose I should explain myself..

  It has been over 12 hours with no sign of my parents, my brother, or my sister. My brother and sister did not get off of the school bus this afternoon. After calling the school, I found out that they had never even shown up for school.. I attempted to call my parents, but there has been no answer, except for.. one odd call.. I called my dad's phone for the thirteenth time, around 7:07 I think the time was.. And there was an answer.. At first I heard nothing. Just absolutely nothing. I kept asking if anyone was there.. and then I heard a loud scream that persisted until I hung up the phone.. I.. I think the Slender Man got them.. The mist is still surrounding the house.. I am freaking the fuck out right now.. I need some time to calm down.. Sit with Eavyn.. Attempt to figure out a plan of action. I will not let this thing beat me.. I will keep Eavyn safe and I will stop that thing..

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