Monday, September 6, 2010

First Post

  Welll, let us see.. I suppose this is my first blog post, then.. I started up this blog because.. well.. I have nothing better to do until school starts up again on the 13th. I suppose I'll start off this blog with a bit of information about myself.

  My name is Ulryc Ziegler. I am currently a college student, going for my Associates degree in Computer Science, mostly focusing on Human-Computer Interaction. It is.. quite interesting to say the least. However, I can not wait to graduate and get out on my own in the work field. School has been burning me out quite a bit lately.

  Let's see.. I am currently 20 and my birthday is coming up this Saturday. I am currently living with my fiancée. She is a very wonderful woman named Eavyn. So beautiful and so kind is she. I have no idea what she sees in me sometimes. I have a higher IQ than most others and.. well.. Let's say that my views on those not as smart as I am are not the greatest. It is not my fault that most other humans are idiots all the time, though. Sometimes I wonder what Eavyn sees in me. She is not as smart as me, but at least she isn't an idiot.. I love her very much.

  Ummmm.. Let's see, more info.. My hobbies include online gaming, mostly puzzle games that require thinking.. chess.. a bit of Go every now and then.. board games.. computers.. I like to hang out with Eavyn a lot. I follow her around when I can at school. I get lonely without her. Haha... Um.. I like daggers. I would not seem the type at first glance, but I have a fascination with blades and have collected a couple of daggers that I keep in my dresser. Eavyn doesn't mind, since they're with my underwear and not hers. Haha.. well.. I suppose I have rambled enough for now. Haha. Until next time.



  2. Deeeeaaaath....
    It longs... It comesss..


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