Monday, September 13, 2010

Go Away

  The time is currently.. 1:22 A.M. as of this sentence. I am not entirely sure if I am still being watched, but I feel.. something. So far it has not really affected my social life, other than my constant looking around.. but that is not what I am currently posting for. Perhaps this is how Edgar Allen Poe came up with the idea for The Raven.. There is currently a bird sitting at my den window, tapping and tapping and tapping, always the same long rhythm over and over..

  Taptap taptaptap. Tap Taptaptaptaptap. Taptap Taptaptaptap. Taptaptaptap taptaptap. Tap taptaptap. Taptaptap taptaptaptap. Taptaptap taptap. Taptap taptaptaptap. Taptaptap taptaptap. Taptap taptap. Taptaptaptaptap taptaptap. Taptaptaptap taptap. Taptaptaptap taptaptaptaptap. Taptaptap taptaptap.

  I think I am going to try to sleep.. Hopefully this bird will be gone by the morning.

1 comment:

  1. The number of taps are 23. 15. 24. 43. 13. 34. 32. 24. 33. 22. 53. 42. 45. 33. Using my cypher in the H O W post, it means HEISCOMINGXRUN.