Thursday, September 23, 2010

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  I am currently at work, still trying to get my mind off of things. Eavyn and I have been spending the last day or so at my parents' house. I have yet to see -him- around, but.. well, you never know. I woke up a bit late today, so everyone but Eavyn were gone when I awoke. It was a bit odd seeing the entire house empty.. But anyways, Eavyn and I got up, got ready and left..

  I have been making it a habit to make sure I stay near Eavyn at all times.. This thing has got me paranoid that she will be taken if I so much as turn my back on her. She does not mind, luckily.. She knows how I have been feeling lately and she has been reading the blog, so she seems willing to help any way she can. Whether she believes this whole Slender Man thing or not, however, is a different story..

  On a different note, the oddest thing this morning occurred.. A thick blanket of mist, or fog if you prefer to call it that, was surrounding the house this morning as we left.. but that's just the thing.. it was only around the house and nowhere else.. Well, stranger things have been happening lately, so I suppose the mist should be considered normal in comparison..


  1. The title means THEYREGONE. See my post in H O W for why.

  2. uh oh... You might need to be moving again if mist is moving in...

  3. theeeee truman show!!!!!!!!