Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ads.. Huh.

  I suppose I should post something to distract me for a few minutes.. While trying to get my mind off of things, after a nice morning nap, I began to poke around in my Blog settings. I saw something for "Adsense" where I could make money if someone clicks on Ads on my blog. Just because I am curious as to how much I could make, I am enabling Ads and hoping someone starts clicking Ads. Be a sport, eh?

  ((EDIT: So, uh, after reviewing the policies, I am not suppose to ask people to click on the ads.. so.. Let us pretend I never asked, eh?))

  Not much has happened since my last blog.. I have not seen that man lately, but I continue having this feeling that someone is watching me.. It is not pleasant in the least. I am considering talking with Eavyn about hiring someone to patrol the house every now and then.. I am also going to get my security system upgraded. A man should be able to feel safe in his own damned house. This is not right.. I have not found any information about this man that is following me, but I hear that Google is my best friend.. Will post soon with more updates.

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