Wednesday, September 8, 2010

  Ah, Wednesday. A day closer to my birthday. I woke up this morning and Eavyn had already left. I found a nice, neat little note waiting for me on her pillow, though. She went to do some errands today and left me one of the dreaded "Honey Do" lists that many men get. I just spent most of the morning doing approximately half of the list. This is how my morning went:

1. Dragged myself out of bed.
2. Made and ate breakfast.
3. Took chicken out to defrost.
4. Did dishes.
5. Did more dishes.
6. Found dishes in the den that I forgot to do.
7. Did -those- dishes.
8. Did laundry.
9. Had some Abita root beer.
10. Did more laundry.
11. Swept and mopped kitchen floor.
12. Ordered pizza for lunch.
13. Sat down at the computer with another Abita root beer.
14. Typed up this unneeded list.
15. Ended this list.

  So yes, at least today hasn't been as boring as yesterday... Come to think of it, Eavyn must've seen last night's post and decided to write up that list so I wouldn't be so bored... Curse her!... Love you, honey! Anyways, I better go do some more of this list before the pizza gets here.. Might post later tonight. If not, then tomorrow.

  Oh! I also didn't have that weird dream last night. I also didn't see more business men in the woods. So that's good, right?

  Until next time.

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