Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On the Move

  One more post.. We are on the move now.. While I am still not sure if Eavyn believes in all of this, she has agreed to come with me as we go on the run from the Slender Man. At the moment I am not sure where we will be going.. Likely, we are going to New York. M seems to do well there, what with the skyscrapers.. Perhaps we can rent out an office at the top of the Empire State or something.... do they even rent out offices? Well, we'll find out when we get there, I suppose.

  Wow.. To think that in less than a month, my life was destroyed. He works fast.. Well, time to stop stealing the neighbor's internet and pack up the laptop. Whether I shall be making more posts after this, I don't know.. If something important happens, however, I will try to keep this updated. Even if no one reads this, at least this is here to keep a chronicle of things..

  Until next time.

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