Monday, September 20, 2010

Tea Time

  Well, I just had an.. odd encounter.. After downing a few pills to get rid of this headache and cough, I wanted to head to bed early.. But I decided that I should have a cup of tea first, so after making the tea, I set myself up in my relaxing chair. I am not sure why, but I set out two cups.. So anyways, before I took the first sip, I began to hear.. some odd noise.. At first it was very low and sounded like white noise.. It quickly got louder however until it actually raped my ears.

  When I got up to check around for the noise, it suddenly ceased. I found myself stumbling to the front door and opening it, where I saw the very thing that haunted my dreams lately.. The Slender Man, or whatever the hell this thing was, stood mere inches away from me.. I am sure a normal person would run, but.. as my lovely Eavyn can tell you, I am far from normal..

  "Would you like to come in and have some tea?"

  Those were the words that came out of my mouth. I took this.. -thing's- arm and dragged him inside, shutting the door behind us.  The man wasn't even resisting. I think he was more shocked than anything. I sat in my chair and took my cup as he just stood there, watching. It tilted his head as it stared at me as if it was curious about my actions.. I am quite sure no one had ever treated him in such a way before. As I began to tell the thing to come sit and have some tea, I heard Eavyn calling for me.


  The Slender Man's attention was taken from me as it looked in the direction Eavyn's voice came from and in an instant, I heard an ear-splitting shriek as the Man disappeared. I suddenly found myself on the floor, looking up at Eavyn, who was kneeling over me.. The Man was gone and I was left wondering what the hell had just happened.... I should get some sleep..


  1. Ulryc. If this thing IS the Slender Man, you do NOT want to invite it into your house.

    In fact, you may want to move to a new house. Immediately. The farther away from your current place, the better.

  2. I do not know.. I have been considering it since reading the Tutorial blog last night.. Eavyn is a bit scared as well, though, since she has been reading these blogs..

  3. Thats got to be the most epic thing i've ever heard. And it doesnt matter if you invite him in or not, its not like hes a vampire.

  4. Oh.



    You just invited Slendy in for tea.

    You have balls.

  5. Holy crap. Tea with Slendy?! You sir, have major amounts of courage. Maybe you should have given him 20 dollars, he might have left you alone. I've heard several things about that, but then again... The info is fairly new.

  6. hahaha thats pretty damn hardcore man, +100 internets to you my friend.


    You so freaking did it.

  8. if slendy every comes for me, you can sure as hell bet im gonna do this.

  9. lol, i wonder if he likes coffee. but this would be a neat expirament. and i wish to try it if i stop being blind to him