Wednesday, September 8, 2010


  Today was good. Plenty of chores were done today and Eavyn is very pleased at how things look. Also, as I sat down to eat my pizza, I decided to see how things on my blog were going and noticed I have my very first commenter. I would like to welcome Mister Mark Slater to my blog. I greet thee with great vigor.

  In other news, Wednesday is almost over, and then it will be Thursday. Then it will be just 2 days until my birthday creeps up while I sleep. So, plans for Saturday.. If all goes well, I should be getting presents every now and then throughout the day. My mother, father, and siblings should be coming to visit Eavyn and I and then we will all go out to eat for supper.. or maybe lunch. I suppose it depends on when they get here. I am not quite sure about having cake and ice cream yet. I am trying not to eat so many sugars.

  Well, there is not much else that I can say. Until next time, gents and lady-gents.


  1. Thanks for the welcome. Something's drawn me to this blog. . .

    I think I'll hang around and keep an eye on things here.

  2. You are welcome for the welcome. Enjoy your stay.