Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Few Updates

I remembered I should keep the Blog updated since not everyone reads Tumblrs.. And so, a few updates.

I have been talking to Michiru, someone who is trying to kill my friend Chase.. Despite this, though, she is quite fun to talk to.. Mm.. We have agreed to be friends, at the understanding that neither of us will hesitate to fight for what we care for.

I am working on making a few modifications to my house's security systems.. I will make sure that when it comes time to face Him for the final time, it shall be truly epic and I will -not- lose.

Audio update to come within a couple of days, hopefully.


  1. Well, don't put anything too dangerous in your house! Because if it's too dangerous one of your friends (Or some one else.) might enter your house and get hurt.. and we don't want that.

    It's a good thing you updated though, since people like me don't have Tumblr accounts so yeah lol.

  2. Oh, but I need dangerous stuff if I am to defeat Him.. Hmhmhm..

  3. But no one has ever defeated him..