Thursday, December 16, 2010


My oh my oh my oh my oh my. Last night was another sleepless night of the damned so I had manyy hours to ponder oover my current problems.

Problem number 1: Him. I refuuse to acknowledge his name because giving him a name only further acknowwledges his existence. I have some iideas as to how to get rid of him.. I willl not yet divulge them yet, however.

Problem number 2: Joker. Apparently I am not reall. If I am not real then neither is he, so he poses a real dillemma here, does he not? And yet he insists that he is the only one with a real problem. He is the only one whoo hass to deal with Him and that ceeiling creature thing. Selfish bastard.

Problem number 3: Everything. Everything. Everything. Stupid people, jjust stupid. Why doo I fight to live in this world when it refuses to kkorrect it's own probleems? Am I even making any sense today? No, not rreally..


  1. Lol? Joker thinks his the only one that's real? Talk about a bit of an ego, I hate people who think that they're problems are the only real problems that matter.

    Acknowledging only seems to make things worse so your better off not acknowledging him.

  2. Jokre? I am not quite sure I know what you mean..

  3. Ah, you mean tall, pale, and faceless? That what I've been referring to him as... I don't like giving him a name, either.

    And I saw Michi's little... Outburst, or whatever. She's PISSED. And, honestly, I don't blame her. He seems to have a vendetta against the three of us, now :/

    And, well, the world is always going to be ignorant and stupid, unfortunately :C You've just gotta fight for the good in people and not the stupid... Or just toss the dumb in a ditch somewhere and come back for them later.

  4. sense is what you make of it.

  5. Both Chase and Anonymous make excellent points.

  6. "You will lose, Joker."

    Nicely done.

  7. Ah, nice strategy. I believe there has been a case of it working. Not acknowledging ____ that is. If you refuse to believe ____ is real, then ____ will lose interest.

  8. HoW diiD he HuuUrT You #<<s!!/SeRRT_a