Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More dreams...

Well, today.. well, yesterday, seeing as it is after midnight, was not the best.. I.. am honestly not even sure what happened. What was real and what.. well.. was not. Perhaps some time I will explain it, but right now.. well, let us just say that I am questioning my sanity at this point.

After yesterday's events, I decided to sleep it off... It was a horrible mistake. The dream I had.. it did not involve Him.. No.. But I think it may have been even worse than His dreams.. I started off in.. well.. it was either a room or a series of rooms. These rooms were pure white and the floor, walls, and ceilings seemed to be made of either glass or porcelain. I explored for a bit, but I suddenly noticed that things were getting dimmer.. The rooms were suddenly beginning to turn into gray concrete.

I saw.. an old man in a wheelchair.. He stared at me as the rooms got darker and dirtier. Suddenly, his eyes fell from their sockets  and.. and his chest ripped open, spewing blood.. I forced myself to look away, but noticed that everywhere else was beginning to drip with blood and there were organs and bodyparts everywhere that they had not previously been.. As time went on, these rooms were getting bloodier and more grotesque.. and finally I saw it.. a mutated, humanoid figure was hanging from the wall. It looked as if it had been skinned, it's eyes gouged out, crucified, and chained to the wall.. It.. It was extremely disturbing....

As soon as I woke up, I ran to the restroom and lost whatever food had been in my belly.. I can not get these images from my mind now I am afraid to go back to sleep now.. I was beginning to get use to His dreams, but these dreams are something else altogether..

Save me..

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  1. oh, dear, that sounds like fun :/ I hope that these odd dreams stop, I hate to see a great friend, such as yourself, suffer more than you need too ;o;

    I wish you luck on getting a decent nights sleep... now-a-days, that seems to be a rarity...