Monday, January 10, 2011

Updates... Pt 2

Actual updates today. First,

So yeah, that is... that is something..

Second, Michiru has been staying over here for a while now.. Since New Years Eve I believe.. I do not want to let her go, but I know she must return home eventually.. Before anyone asks... Yes, we are.. close. But I do not kiss and tell. Hmhmhm..

Other updates.. Well... Let me think. Actually, there is nothing else.. Just Michiru and I together. Yes, it will be a slightly strained relationship, with us both being on different sides of the war, but I believe we can pull through together.


  1. Awwwhahaha, you crazy kids, I'm tellin' ya. But what ever floats your boat... Though you know she's a bit... Ah, what's the word I 'm looking for. Oh, right, crazy!? But, you're still my good friend, regardless of what you choose to do :3

  2. Yes, Chase, I know.. But there is.. There is something about her that I just -really- like.

  3. It's understandable. Love it love, after all. Aside from the craziness, you two might be perfect for each other, despite being on two different sides and her and I... well, not seeing eye to eye, I think that it's great :3

  4. ...WHAT!? Well she seems fairly nice. I'm a far ways away from reading her blog, but it's on my to do list.

  5. Tall Dark and has a Face... I have no idea what to make of that